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Benefits of a Live/Work Commercial Space

First of all, what is a live-work unit? A live-work unit is a modernized concept that meets many of the needs of small businesses and professionals.

The idea is to combine a professional workspace and living quarters into one.

As many working professionals and entrepreneurs are meeting new clients and/or selling inventory directly to customers, it is important to have a respectable space that doesn't break the bank.

Typically, these units are ground level and facing the street. (See Cook Street Project as an example). Not only does this make it easy for clients and potential employees to enter the workspace, but it also doubles as a marketing front.

With this concept comes many advantages, let's take a look:

  • Cut your commute time to seconds!

Eliminate the stress of your commute time, not to mention save on the ever-changing local gas prices, and reduce your carbon emissions.

  • Affordability.

Save on housing and office rental spaces, and combine the cost into one! Not to mention, a full kitchen at your fingertips!

  • Space for employees.

A home office may be too small to work directly with your team, and spacious offices can be hard to find, and expensive to furnish properly. Creating a separate, professional space that incorporates the pre-existing square footage of your home makes it possible.

Find out more about our live/work commercial spaces, and more recent projects here -

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