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We Venture to Make a Difference

At Urban Core Ventures, we love creating the best in modern, luxury living.

However, we are also driven to make a positive impact within our industry, and in our community. We venture to make a difference - from in-fill housing, long-term rentals, to securing below market housing.

Urban Core Ventures has been recognized for its work in the community and has received many awards for that work.

We just love the idea of creating and designing homes for everyone.

Three projects that embody this idea are:


Cook St. Village - designed with our nature-loving, bicycle-riding fellow Victorians in mind. This project includes: Living/Working Residences on Cook Street; Townhouses on Oliphant Avenue; and 1, 2, and 3 Bedroom Units. We also added 74 bicycle stalls, and a repair shop, should your self-powered vehicle need a tune-up. We also planned for the future - there are six scooter stalls with charging stations.

Latitude Living - designed to provide below market housing in partnership with Island Health and the CRD. Providing homes to 32 adults struggling with mental health and substance abuse challenges, this project won the 2015 Special Interest CARE Award for Excellence in Affordable Housing.

The Moderne at Somass - a dazzling re-creation of the original 1940 Percy Leonard (PL) James home. The Moderne was recognized with a Hallmark Heritage Award and 5 CARE Awards in 2015. We took care to replicate the details of the original, while also paying homage to our modern style with a window-on-the-world modern view around the back.

We are proud of the work we do, and are excited to continue.

View more of our projects on our website, or follow us on Instagram.

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