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Urban Core and Victoria, B.C.

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

The President of Urban Core Ventures, Leonard Cole, is a third-generation Victorian with a passion for housing.

Urban Core has grown up in Victoria and continues to do so. Some of our projects in this city to date are:

From in-fill housing, long-term rentals and securing below-market housing, we create and design homes for everyone. We’ve been recognized for our work in the community- having received many awards, but we’re not done investing in our community yet! Learn more in our community post.

In addition, our Latitude Living development is providing below-market housing in partnership with Island Health and the CRD by providing homes to 32 adults struggling with mental health and substance abuse challenges.

We are proud to invest in Victoria, British Columbia. If you are currently, or will be in the market to visit Victoria in the future, we can’t help but encourage it.

The Pacific Northwest offers enviable and picturesque views that we always try and take advantage of in our builds. Victoria offers something special in the ability to travel only a short distance to many beautiful nature activities - or to enjoy the comforts of a large city.

Interested? Learn more through Tourism Victoria.

Want to learn more about Urban Core Ventures? Check out our homepage.

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